Friday, January 21, 2011

This week...

Horray for me!
Keeping up with the bloggg. :)

So this week has been insanity...
Sunday was Cole baby's birthday! He turned 27!
So we got all dressed up and went to Sonoma Cellar,
We both had steak, wine and some AMAZING cocktails!

Some of the photos from the night, we didn't take many. But these are cute :)

Then this week, Cole & I BOTH got sick! I got sick sometime during the day on Tuesday, I left work and went to school, and I got the worst sore throat, coughs, shivers, you name it I had it! So I went to bed, and next thing you know Cole has it! Wednesday we both force ourselves to work; luckily I had Thursday off of work; but I had school that I had to miss, because I was for sure contagious, but Cole had to call in, and we both had to go to the doctor! So we went, and Cole was summoned *hehe* to stay home until Monday. :) The antibiotics are working well, and we both are on our way to feeling 100% again!

But, anywho, I am in my senior year of school and getting soo excited!
Things are FINALLY coming together, and I applied for GRADUATION!
Waiting on everything else to fall into place!

So many things happening and it is only JANUARY! eeee.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A little delayed..

So I for SURE get the worst blogger award!


Okay, so since I am the worst blogger ever, I have decided to TRY and update at least ONCE a week, on a Saturday / Sunday OR more, if not at least TWICE a month. Good goal there!

So back to the Halloween Party! It was fabulous! Everyone dressed up and it was a really great time! I can not believe how quick the last two months have FLOWN by. So, Cole dressed up as Hunter S. Thompson, aka Johnny Depp from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, CUTE right? He role-plays well. :)

And I was a Peacock! Sarah Purney did my and my sisters make up, and it turned out amazing! I had some awesome eyelashes to rock! and she did exactly what I was looking for! My sister was a Love Bug, and she looked perfect!

This was a little later in the evening...

Hunter S. Thompson

Me :)

My sister and I

More of US. :)

So for Thanksgiving, Cole's parents came into town, and we had
Thanksgiving 3 times in a WEEK, we were Turkey'd out!

Then, for Clint (Cole's brother's) 30th Birthday, we had a surprise for him at his parents house in Scottsdale! Super fun time, and we also spent Christmas with the Russell's! (and I am so bad, I did not take ANY holiday photos of this Christmas this year!)
And for every flight we took to and from Arizona that week was delayed, so were are ANTI flying to AZ forever more. :)

AND for New Years, our best friends, Chase and Stephanie came to town and we partied allllllllllll weekend, it was fun! We went to Stoney's for ladies night Thursday when they got in and then Friday we went to Revolver for NYE and the for NY we went to Pooch's house to RAGE. It was a fun and exhausting weekend!

And since OCTOBER, I have been asked to be in three weddings, Linzi & Trey in September, one of my amazing bridesmaids, Shirley & Jerrett, and I am having the HONOR of being my BESTEST friend's Maid of Honor for her wedding in November, who is ALSO having a baby in JULY!  I cannot wait to be an auntie, so this year is all about weddings, showers, bachelorette PARTIES and of course, VACAY with the HUBBSTER!

Which, by the way is turning 27 tomorrow. What a sweetheart, I love him! OH, AND, we have been married 7 months (on the 11th) and have been together three years on the 9th! He is my prince charming! :)

SOOOOOOO, I am thinking this sums things up for the past three-ish months that I have been an ultra-slacker for. :) Hopefully I won't do this again! More photos to follow, I am just having some technical issues with uploading them today :) ENJOY


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Betty Crocker & Weddings

Well, this past week was fun!!
I baked my first BANANA Cream PIE! Which, got an A+ for taste and an F- for presentation. :)

 Everything was HOME MADE from scratch, INCLUDING the crust, I thought it tasted amazing!

The filling ended up not being very banana cream(y) definitely tasted amazing! This is what it looked like before it got all melty and whatnot :)

Finished product!...You can call me Betty Crocker, Suzie Home maker, Or, Maryann hehe

Like I said, F- for presentation, first time though! Wish is was more of CREAM than, mush heheh. Tasted amazing, my parents ate it all!

We went to Jen's house a few times this weekend, and here are two handsome guys hanging out!

Then today we went Bridesmaid dress shopping for Lindsey & Trey's wedding next September!! I won't post the dress I think we are getting, but here are some fun photos from the trip today! haha.

My innocent sisterrrrr.

One of the dresses I liked! Fun, but not too easy to maneuver in!

Tonight I am going to go take some Maternity Photos of Dianna and her Man! Those will be up STAT! :) Very exciting!

And finally 
this upcoming week I am hosting a HALLOWEEN party at my house! So I am excited about that and to tell all about it next weekend! 


Happy Sunday!
Go Colts!
P.S. We love Dexter.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blog eats Blog!

Well, I  guess I am part of the trend of BLOGGING now. I figured that since I take photos of EvErYtHiNg, and I thought, what a cute idea! So, now you all can see what we are up to!

Last week, we recieved our wedding video, it is amazing, and I cried; SUCH an amazing day, and it was so nice to see the ceremony from everyone else's perspective! There was also some funny photos I really enjoyed seeing too!
I am unable to post it online now, but I am hoping I can figure it out :)

So last Thursday, Cole & I made an awesome pot of Chili for our work 
BBQ & Chili Cook off. It is an awesome recipe from Mom Russell's friend from Indiana! It is an award winning recipe, and a pretty delicious recipe!! :)
We tied for SECOND place! Yay Russell's!

I also baked some CUTE cuppycakes :) They won dessert (even though there wasn't a contest hehe)

And Monday is our,
FOUR month anniversary of being MARRIED!
I can't believe it!
 Some photos of us from cooking and our wedding day! Those aprons say "Mrs. Russell and Mr. Russell" SOO cute! Happy Monday!