Friday, January 21, 2011

This week...

Horray for me!
Keeping up with the bloggg. :)

So this week has been insanity...
Sunday was Cole baby's birthday! He turned 27!
So we got all dressed up and went to Sonoma Cellar,
We both had steak, wine and some AMAZING cocktails!

Some of the photos from the night, we didn't take many. But these are cute :)

Then this week, Cole & I BOTH got sick! I got sick sometime during the day on Tuesday, I left work and went to school, and I got the worst sore throat, coughs, shivers, you name it I had it! So I went to bed, and next thing you know Cole has it! Wednesday we both force ourselves to work; luckily I had Thursday off of work; but I had school that I had to miss, because I was for sure contagious, but Cole had to call in, and we both had to go to the doctor! So we went, and Cole was summoned *hehe* to stay home until Monday. :) The antibiotics are working well, and we both are on our way to feeling 100% again!

But, anywho, I am in my senior year of school and getting soo excited!
Things are FINALLY coming together, and I applied for GRADUATION!
Waiting on everything else to fall into place!

So many things happening and it is only JANUARY! eeee.

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